I think i will get rid of it or change it. It's boring. I might just add all kinds of different artist information all on one page. I hate updating it.



06/11/2008 14:15

go to mjy site i love club penguin my name there is x AaronDT x

06/28/2008 14:04

aarondt your website is lame

06/30/2008 12:39

you rock singar4eva

07/30/2008 11:20

Hi I don't like to sing but this site is cool I have my site with my bff and we put are real name but not are age Plus it doesn't mater if they know your name just don't put any images of you and don't put you last name that is it because their are a lot of Samantha's in the world and check my site out to please

08/08/2008 13:52

check out disneystuff.weebly.com


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