About Me

I believe in being safe on the internet. That is why I did not include my real name or age on this site. Although I will tell you my my faves and hobbies.

   By now you probably realize that I ♥ to sing. It's kinda obvious according to my latest blog, home page and my music.  Well here are my faves and such so you know what I'm like.

My Weebly Name: Singar4Eva

My Fave color: Red. Although I put this page in pink cause the red looked kinda strange.

My Fave Food: macaroni and cheese

My Fave Drink: Smoothies with ice cream in them!

My BirthHome: Houston, Texas (although I dont live there anymore, I dont want anyone to know where I live now!)

My Hobbies: Singing,(duh!) dancing, writing, playing the piano, and reading

My Other Hobbies: Texting, E-mailing, IM'ing and playing games on the web!

My Fave Websites: http://xivio.com/ xivio is so sooo awesome! I ♥ Xivio! If you go on you will most likely see Singar4Eva online. Clubpenguin, (I'm carmen50, although my real name is not Carmen!) Webkinz and yahoo!
Whoevers reading this knows enough now. Dont bug me for more. (lol)